my story

Aida Uzunovic Dubai


My name is Aida and I am certified Personal and Business Coach, NLP Coach, CBT and TimeLine Therapist 

accredited and approved by 

American Psychological Association, American Board of NLPTimeLine Therapy Association and Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Dubai. 


I am also a member of the German Coaching Association

 I was born in 1981 in Bosnia, a country with mixed nationalities, religions and beliefs. In my mid-20s I met my husband, fell in love, got married and moved to Vienna. Over the years, the two of us, and in the meantime, our two sons, evolved as global citizens without permanent residence. 

Being exposed to different countries, customs and practices was a real eye opener and a blessing in disguise as I believe it allowed me to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for different cultures, mindsets, religions and beliefs. 

As an Economics graduate with major in financial accounting, I´ve spent over 17 years working in different areas of corporate world, from finances and sourcing to legal and analytics. I worked in different jobs, companies and countries. This taught me a great deal about corporate life, resilience, performance, leadership, teamwork and life-work balance. 

It helped me realize that even though we all follow different paths, we still ultimately crave the same – safety, belonging, and mattering (feeling significant).  

It is only in my mid 30s though, through my volunteer work as a social worker/life advisor in non-profit charity institutions, that I discovered the beauty, significance and importance of coaching and it became an endless source of inspiration. I decided to leave the corporate world and dedicate my full time to learning, studying, training and researching. I graduated as a personal and business coach from Studien Gemeinschaft in Darmstadt, Germany, and within a few years, 

I established my own successful coaching practice. 

My expertise in coaching was developed through an extensive study of coaching methods, techniques, philosophy and psychology but my knowledge and insight into both sectors is what gives me an extensive overview and allows me to develop unique and 

personalized coaching programs for each of my clients.

My own personal and professional development is very important for me. Each year I commit to broadening my range of techniques and furthering my knowledge. I also invest time in upskilling myself as we all learn something new each day, and also to ensure that I am in my optimum level to help you.

As part of my membership in the German Coaching Association, I commit to regular supervision and engage in the reciprocal coaching program with other member colleagues’ coaches.

I am very positive, down-to-earth, easy-going and empathetic person. I find honesty, creativity and dedication to be the most valuable qualities one can have.

Everyone has a story, and I would love to hear yours.