what is coaching?

Coaching is individual and context-related life guidance throughout problems, goals, and resources are clarified, resilience and implementation strategies developed and trained. Coaching builds awareness, empowers choice and leads to change.

what is difference between personal and business coaching?

Personal Coaching

is a coaching for people who want to improve their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. 

Business Coaching

is coaching for people with management and control functions within a professional framework.

what is difference between coaching and therapy?

Compared to therapy or counselling, coaching spends less time in the past but instead seeks to help you understand your present as well as looking towards the future.


  • strives for goals, wishes and visions
  • creates personal fulfillment
  • focus is in the future
  • asks “how?”
  • client wants to move on to something
  • mental paradigm: development, education, opportunities
  • keywords: action plan, talents, strengths, behavior


  • eliminates pain and suffering
  • restores functions
  • focus is in the past
  • asks “why?”
  • patient wants to get away from something
  • mental paradigm: the medical model of disease
  • keywords: feelings, catharsis, processing, coming to terms with, healing, overcoming


Confidentiality refers to the coach’s duty to protect any information obtained during the course of coaching relationship unless consent to release is given.