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self-driven life coaching is a concept based on cognitive neuroscience. It implies identifying and changing your self-limiting beliefs, thinking patterns and your negative emotions that negatively charge your behavior and working on making a positive change that will lead you to success.

cognitive neuroscience

The focus is on a change that’s inside-out. 

It is a process to shift your perception that will change your mindset. Changing your mindset will eventually change your reality to what you want or choose to see! 

This powerful way of seeing things will not only help you get a fresh, impactful perspective, but will also guide your thoughts and, in turn, your actions towards the desired outcome you want. 


Recent research has shown that we have some 60,000-90,000 thoughts a day. When you habitually focus your attention on something, you tend to get more of it in your life. Consequently, if you look for problems, you will find plenty of them. Wasting time contemplating what’s failed in the past will always limit your ability to move on. Therefore, setting a goal (professional or personal or both) and agreeing on a desired outcome is the most vital part of self-coaching. 

It gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation.

We begin with understanding your strengths, redefining your goals and outlining your desired outcome. We then work to create a step-by-step action plan for you to achieve your newly set and defined goals. 

This effective and powerful cross-method approach combines the most efficient techniques tailored to your individual needs and defined in a razor-sharp focused manner. 

I don’t give you advice or tell you what to do – we figure them out and work on it together!



Making Right Desicion

Become aware of your needs and values

Understanding and developing your own drive can help you take control of all aspects of your life. In accordance with your values, needs and desires, you will become enthusiastic, passionate and designed to achieve the desired results.

Find your WHY 

Get an awareness of where you want to be and find the inner drive that leads you all the way to the finish line.

“Pull yourself” forward with compelling goals

Set goals that inspire you from the inside out and in a way that automatically “pull” you toward.

Change your beliefs about what is possible

Start looking beyond the bare minimum of what is needed.

Change your beliefs about who YOU ARE NOT

It’s not about who you think you are. It’s about who you think you are not.

Make a lasting positive change in your life

Be guided by purpose, passion and a fundamental desire to achieve, to create the life you really want.

I Can Self-Motivation

During our sessions you will experience self-directed learning through conversations that are solution focused, and stretched beyond your usual way of thinking.

I will challenge you to change the way you think about yourself, your relationships, and events in your life. I will inspire you to change your mind about beliefs that have been holding you back. I will help you see the world through a different perspective, step up and inspire you to take action. I will sharpen your focus on the future you desire. 

Throughout this process of self-discovery and self-awareness, you get the chance to examine your life, figure out what’s missing and take steps toward fulfillment. You will become a strong, self-confident and self-driven person who knows exactly what you want and is determined to get it.

As your coach, I will be there for you every step of the way and support you until you´ve reached your goal and beyond. 


It is intended for people who need support coping with current situations, feeling trapped in routines or overwhelmed by different circumstances and would like to learn how to break the circle, become self-confident and assertive and live a balanced and fulfilled life. 

How often do you hear yourself say: “I should” or “I have to” or “I can’t because…?”

As Henry Ford would say: 

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – either way you’re right”

self-driven life coaching can help you realize that YOU CAN!


team work

self-driven life coaching sessions are one on one, preferably face-to-face and 60 minutes long. 

Depending on the issue you would like to resolve, the entire program could be anywhere between 3 to 10 hours broken down in weeks, so you have enough time to reflect on what you learn, perform the tasks assigned and apply the learning in real time.  

The first coaching session is a preliminary session that lasts 30 min and is free of charge. It is a chance for you to ask the questions you may have about me, about the process, and what to expect. It also gives me the opportunity to best assess your needs and get a sense of how we could work together. This is to ensure that we understand each other well and are compatible to work towards optimal results. 

Each session is stand-alone and there is no commitment to set a number of ongoing sessions. Every challenge is different, and it is hard to determine in advance how long it will take. 

It’s all confidential!

self-driven life coaching offers you a confidential, safe and supportive environment where you can be yourself, be honest, acknowledge and work to overcome your doubts, reflect on your past choices, get inspired and excited about your life, share your dreams and goals and focus on taking control of your future. 

I provide coaching in English, German and Bosnian languages.

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DESIRE to Change and Take Action towards it! 

Everyone wants to be better but not everyone wants to do what it takes. Getting better at something requires change.

People may believe they’re ready for change, but they’re not willing to go all-in. Since you’ve made it to this page, then you’re at least headed in the right direction. 

Looking into self-driven coaching means that you acknowledge the gaps in your life and you’re looking for something to close them.


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